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A Holistic View of the Contribution of India to Spine Surgery

HOver the course of time, India has seen a rise in the number of medical tourists for spine surgery in India. With tremendous advancements in orthopedics in the last 50 years, there has been a subsequent rise in the number of spine-related studies conducted in India. Multiple journals, such as Asian Spine Journal, European Spine Journal, The Spine Journal, JBJS and CORR, and others have published studies to show the increasing trends of the incoming wave of tourists for medical purposes. 

Let us introspect the studies done over the time period of 1960 to 2015 and get a holistic view of the contribution of India and its writers in the field of spine surgery literature and the trends of the same. 

The trend of Spine surgery in India:

  • The article published in the year 1989 by Rajasekaran S. talked about the progression of kyphosis in tuberculosis of the spine in the patients who were treated by anterior arthrodesis. In conclusion, the number of patients treated and the survey conducted, it was found that solely depending on the bone graft to prevent vertebral collapse in the patients with two disc spaces was not sufficient. Thus, the use of a prolonged brace until complete consolidation would be beneficial for such patients. Another article published by him in 2007 states the use of Iso-C navigation leads to bringing an increase in the accuracy of spine surgery in India with reduced radiation exposure and surgical time in spine deformity correction surgery. 
  • Article by Desai S.S., which was published in the year 1994 talks about the role of MRI for those patients suffering from tuberculosis of the spine. Based on the different stages of the disease varying patterns for the infection were revealed, namely, osteitis, osteitis with and without an abscess plus discitis, etc. In conclusion, the role of biopsy was recommended during the stage of osteitis to thereby confirm the diagnosis.
  • Multiple articles published by the well-renowned Jain A.K. stressed the importance of getting surgical treatment for spine-related tuberculosis. His articles also talked about the need for surgical decompression in patients with neurological dysfunction and evaluated the outcomes for kyphosis by getting spine surgery in India. In an article published in the year 2010, the author talks about the trend of evolution in the field of treatment and diagnosis of spinal tuberculosis from the pre-antibiotic era to the world of today. A thorough discussion of the complications, treatment, and indicators of surgery along with the risk associated based on the level of the disease was also talked about by him. 
  • Other well-known articles gave the readers an idea of the surgical strategies for spine surgery in India. They talked about treating tuberculosis of the thoracic spine based on the MRI studies, the ways to curb the tuberculosis of the spine through the public health measures, and the essence of early diagnosis and treatment of the kyphosis being good for prognosis, to name a few. 

Thus, it becomes pretty evident that the land of yoga and Ayurveda has exhibited an exponentially increasing interest in the field of spine surgery over the years. The multiple scientific studies published give the reader a clear picture that the current state of interest in spine surgery in India is just the beginning of an era of huge scientific revelations. One can clearly understand the advancement of treatment for spine surgery in  India solely based on its significant contribution to literature. Therefore, all those who want to pay a visit to the land of prodigies and medical experts to get the best spine treatment in India can be in the right place. 

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