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Common Myths About Bariatric Surgery

Obesity is more than just a complex body concern. It is a medical condition which can lead to severe illnesses, and in some cases, it can even be fatal. The truth is that while some people are genetically prone to this condition, for others, it can be brought on by years of bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. While some people think that obesity is the same as being overweight, these terms are not the same and cannot be used interchangeably. Being obese is significantly different from being overweight. People can avoid obesity with regular exercise and drastic lifestyle changes. Still, in most cases, people take the help of bariatric surgery to get rid of the massive amount of body fat to treat obesity.

But as all things go, there are more myths about bariatric surgery running around in society than the actual truth about this surgery. This blog addresses all such myths that are doing the rounds everywhere. Let us bust these myths together to understand this incredible procedure and its benefits of it.

  • Bariatric Surgery comes under Cosmetic Surgery 

One must know that Bariatric Surgery is a type of metabolic surgery and not cosmetic surgery. With bariatric surgery, the size of the stomach is significantly reduced, or food is made to pass from the stomach to the last portion of the small intestine during a laparoscopic procedure. In addition to helping with weight loss, it also improves other problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, joint discomfort, etc.

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  • Pregnancy and Delivery are Unsafe after Bariatric Surgery 

Following the procedure, the cycles are regular, and fertility increases. However, because of the resulting weight loss, it is best to delay becoming pregnant for about a year after the procedure.

  • Diet and Lifestyle Changes Are Better than Surgery 

People who suffer from severe obesity are typically unable to lose weight for an extended length of time with exercise and diet. The sole option in these situations is typically weight-loss surgery. Some bariatric surgeries result in biological alterations that assist reduce caloric intake and boost satiety by increasing the production of specific gut hormones. Bariatric surgery is the best weight loss surgery in India

  • All Types of Bariatric Surgeries are the Same

Absolutely false! A person with diabetes would probably require a gastric bypass, in which the stomach’s size is lowered, and part of the small intestine is bypassed. For those with an excessive BMI (more than 50), sleeve gastrectomy may be performed, which involves the removal of most of the stomach.

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  • People aren’t able to Eat Normally After the Surgery

It is advised not to stress out the system until the patient starts to eat normally. Immediately post-op, the diet is limited to soft foods and liquids. However, as the patient recovers, they are allowed to eat a variety of food items. Mostly, bariatric surgeries focus on portion control.

Bariatric surgery is not something that will cure anything that ails you. It is more about improving the quality of life by transitioning from an unhealthy state or at-risk health to a healthier one. Obesity makes medical conditions worse; bariatric surgery can aid people in the effective management of their diseases and eliminate them over time. With Med Tour Advisors, you can find all about the best weight loss surgery in India.

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