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Find Out If Your Spine Injury is Serious

Back injury is one of the most common injuries that one out of every five people suffers. No
doubt, it’s very hard to ignore severe back pain, no matter how much you can be busy in your
life. It has an impact on your mood and energy levels in addition to your life and work. It can
range from a nagging, chronic discomfort to abrupt, acute pain spikes that make it difficult for
you to move, feel comfortable, or concentrate on anything you do.
If your backache is accompanied by other strange symptoms impairing your quality of life, it is
ideal to consult a spine specialist. Whether you’re from Ethiopia or Tanzania, schedule an
appointment with Med Tour Advisors – a top-rated medical tourism company in India known for
providing the highest quality and the best spine treatment in India.

Also, if you’re confused about when to consult the doctor, read on to learn more about major
signs that show you need to visit a specialist.

You experience chronic neck or back pain.

Not all spinal issues result in discomfort or injury, but some of them do. Near the disc, slippage
of the disc might result in pain or discomfort. If the bones in the spine are grinding against one
another, osteoarthritis, which is brought on by a failure of the protective cartilage around the
bones, can cause neck or back pain. Another reason to visit a doctor is if your back or neck
discomfort doesn’t subside as quickly as you expect it to after a small event, such as slipping on

Significant hunches or bulges

These signs may indicate bulging or herniated discs. These hurt a lot, especially after a long
time. Make sure to have any of these symptoms examined if you experience them. Herniated
discs may impact your lumbar nerve and other nerves. When this occurs, the pain may make it
difficult for you to walk.

You observe changes in the way you stand or sit.

One or more symptoms of a spinal issue include a restricted range of motion and the inability to
bend over, twist sideways, or stand up straight. The vertebrae in your upper back and neck
connect your spinal column to your hands and fingers, so you might also feel changes in the flexibility of your fingers and hands. A pain that makes it difficult to move about or use fine motor skills calls for medical attention.

Feel numbness in your hands, arms, and legs.

You may feel weak and numb in your legs, feet, fingers, and hands. This is because the nerves
that pass through your spine on the way from the brain to various other parts of the body, such as
arms and legs, may become squeezed. It is another sign that your lower back is having problems.

Wrapping Up
A damaged spine might reduce the variety of experiences you can have because the spine
impacts many different systems. Walking is easier than sitting or sleeping, which are both more
challenging. You can get associated with the best doctor at Med Tour Advisors to get the best spine treatment in India. In fact, people with spinal issues from Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda,
come to India to consult with the best doctors. Our team will manage all your documentation
process, accommodation, visa, and many more. We ensure that our patients receive
compassionate care and do not have to endure ongoing back pain. We provide bone marrow
transplants, Eye surgery, Liver transplants, and many more.

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