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Learn About Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery in India

When it comes to treatments for heart-related issues, it is continuously advancing. Now,
patients have different and better options due to improvements in surgical procedures and
advanced medicinal treatments.
One such approach is “MICS”, or minimally invasive cardiac surgery, a procedure that
enables surgeons to carry out a variety of heart operations through a keyhole incision
using a small scope and instruments. These operations vary from valve replacements and
repairs to corrective surgeries for arrhythmias and abnormalities. Several hospitals and
doctors in India are popular for performing these types of cardiac surgery. So, if you want
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Also, this blog compiles a few important things about Minimal invasive surgery; read on
to learn more.

What is MICS?

The most common and popular route for open heart surgery is called sternotomy, in
which a 12 to 14-inch incision through the breastbone is necessary. But more skilled
surgeons are choosing minimally invasive procedures like MICS, which only calls for a
2- to 3-inch incision. To connect the patient to the cardiopulmonary bypass machine,
which takes over the activities of the heart and lungs while the heart is stopped, a small
incision is made between the ribs and avoid cutting through the breastbone. A second
small incision is made in the groin.
With significantly less impact on the body than a sternotomy, the little incisions are
closed after the surgery. MICS recovery typically lasts 2 to 4 weeks instead of an open-
heart procedure’s 6 to 12 weeks.

Who benefits from minimally invasive heart surgery?

Not everyone needs a cardiac operation that is less invasive. The doctor will determine
whether to refer a patient for open-heart surgery or a minimally invasive procedure. The
choice is determined after carefully considering several conditions, including the patient’s
health, the disease for which they are having surgery, their medical history, etc. The fact
that minimally invasive heart procedures are highly complicated must be considered.
Minimally invasive heart surgery can only be successfully carried out by professionals
educated in the technique.

Advantages of minimally invasive heart surgery

Minimal pains
Healthcare professionals prioritise postoperative pain and discomfort management since
open-heart surgery necessitates a significant incision and breaks the breastbone. On the
other hand, only minor incisions are made during minimally invasive heart surgery, so
there is much less postoperative discomfort for the patients.

Quicker recovery
In Minimally invasive heart surgery, one experiences less physical strain. This is because
of the small incisions and the fact that the breastbone is not cut; patients recover more
quickly—in days instead of weeks. Also, in Minimally Invasive Surgery, patients can
resume their work sooner.

Lower risk of complications
In open-heart surgery, the chances of bleeding and infections are high. However, the
minimally invasive method carries the same risks, although these consequences are less
Note: Not everyone is suitable for minimally invasive surgery, so before going for the
treatment, consult professional doctors.
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