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Liver, Do not leave Her: 13 Ways of Keeping Liver Healthy

Detecting any type of liver disease is difficult since most liver disorders do not show symptoms until the organ has been severely damaged. As a result, it is always better to take steps to maintain your liver healthy than to treat it for any condition. People must examine their liver’s health on a regular basis and take the appropriate steps to avoid liver infections. Below listed are 13 ways that can help you achieve liver wellness. Read along to find out!

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1. Maintain a healthy weight- Being obese or overweight brings the danger of having a fatty liver which can develop into non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Losing weight can help in reducing liver fat and keeping your liver healthy. 

2. Balanced diet- One of the best ways to keep your liver healthy is to eat a balanced diet. Avoid consuming high-calorie meals, refined carbs, saturated fat, and sugars, and start eating fiber, meat, dairy, and good fats for a healthier liver and life. Moreover, as hydration is of utmost importance, so drink a lot of water.

3. Have an exercise routine- Make sure to exercise regularly, as it helps reduce liver fat and creates fuel for the body by burning triglycerides.

4. Avoid direct contact with toxins- Inhaling toxins can harm your liver cells. Limit any direct contact with toxins that come from aerosol products, cleaning, additives, insecticides, and chemicals. When using aerosols, ensure that the place is ventilated and wear a mask. 

5. Consume alcohol responsibly- Drinking alcoholic beverages can create numerous health issues for your body, one of them is the damage or destruction of liver cells. If you are someone who consumes a lot of alcohol and has liver disease, visit the best liver transplant surgeon in India to know what amount of alcohol is right for you. The doctor may even advise you to either drink in moderation or quit it entirely. 

6. Do not use illicit drugs- Illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, inhalants, and hallucinogens can damage the liver cells and block the bile out of the liver. So it is advised to avoid the use of these illicit drugs at all costs. 

7. Do not use contaminated needles- Dirty needles, of course, aren’t just linked to intravenous drug use. Any form of skin penetration involving sharp objects or needles should be followed up with a medical professional and tested.

8. Seek medical assistance if you are exposed to blood- If, in any case, you come into contact with another person’s blood, reach out to your doctor. 

9. Have safe sex- Practicing unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners can lead to hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

10. Wash your hands- Use soap and warm water to wash your hands after using the bathroom, changing a diaper, and before preparing or eating meals. 

11. Avoid sharing personal hygiene things- Items such as razors, nail clippers, and toothbrushes carry microscopic levels of blood or other body fluids that might be contaminated, so do not share any personal hygiene things with anyone. 

12. Take medicines as prescribed- Your liver can be harmed when you take medicines incorrectly, either by more than required, mixing medicines, or the wrong type. Never consume alcohol with any other drugs or medications, even if they are not taken at the same hour. 

13. Get vaccination done- Do not forget to get vaccinated against hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. However, currently, there is no vaccine available against Hepatitis C. Talk to your doctor if you need it, as vaccination is especially important in case the immune system is weak or the liver already has some damage. 

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