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Take a Step towards a Healthier Heart on this World Heart Day

The heart is an extraordinary organ and the source of life. The leading cause of death around the globe is cardiovascular disease. Statistics show that cardiac diseases claim the lives of 17 million people annually. Unfortunately, a number of heart-related conditions that might result in premature death are now affecting young people.

Regardless of age or gender, taking care of our hearts should be a daily habit. World Heart Day focuses on the risk factors that lead to heart diseases, such as inactivity, Poor diet, tobacco use, drug use, and other illnesses like diabetes, stress, hypertension, and anxiety. Here are the top 3 strategies to take care of your heart and live a healthy life.

What is World Heart Day?

The World Heart Foundation chose September 29 as World Heart Day to increase public awareness of the cardiovascular disease (CVD) worldwide. On this day, many activities benefit human safety and spread awareness about general health, including races, walks, concerts, fund-raising events, sporting events, and free medical checks. The focus in 2022 will be on digital health to better raise public awareness about, prevent, and manage cardiovascular disease (CVD). In this setting, it is crucial to realize that more than 18 million people die from the cardiac disease worldwide.

world heart day 2022

What are the primary factors that lead to heart disease?

Heart diseases were thought to affect elderly persons until a few years ago primarily. However, young and otherwise healthy people are also at great risk due to changing lifestyles and new diseases, such as COVID-19.

Some of the causes of an unhealthy heart include working long hours in front of a computer, eating junk food & unhealthy meals, staying up late, and consuming tainted food. Together, these elements raise the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Eating Well: The Perfect Recipe for a Healthy Heart

Another crucial element in maintaining heart health is eating healthy and making wise nutrition decisions. The following recommendations are provided by the World Heart Federation to “heal your heart”:

● Try to limit your intake of processed and packaged foods, which are frequently high in fat and sugar.
● Limit your intake of fruit juices and other sugary drinks. alternatively, less contained sugar juices or water
● Make your healthy school or work lunches at home
● As a healthy alternative, substitute fresh fruit with sweet, sugary snacks.

Recognize the reasons smoking is fatal to your heart:

The nicotine and carbon monoxide released by tobacco in cigarettes, bidis, pipes, and hookahs causes the heart to work harder by speeding up its heartbeat. Additionally, they raise the chance of blood clots.

Involve in Activities: It’s time to take action with exercise.

While maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for promoting heart health, regular exercise is just as important. Exercise is essential to raise your heart rate because it can be a substantial risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The World Heart Federation advises the following:

● Try to get in at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise.
● Playing, moving around, cleaning the house, and dancing all count!
● Be more active every day by cycling, walking, or taking the stairs instead of taking the car.
● Exercise with loved ones and friends to stay motivated and have more fun!
● Consult a medical physician before beginning any workout program.

Where to Begin

What should you do then? A great first step is to schedule a checkup with your primary care provider. Depending on age, family history, and other risk factors, you might also be directed to a cardiologist. If you are already dealing with the aftereffects of a heart attack or stroke, Med Tour Advisors can help you locate the best Heart Specialist in India. Listen to your heart on this World Heart Day and start moving toward a healthier lifestyle!

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