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Understand When Do You Require a Knee Replacement Surgery

Do you struggle with bad knees? Do they ache when you walk upstairs or sit down? If your head is nodding a ‘yes’, then it is time for you to consider treatment options. When the condition is bad, many prefer getting a knee replacement, also known as knee arthroplasty, which is a common surgery that helps many.

Remember, you cannot just visit a surgeon asking for knee replacement just because you are in pain, there are certain conditions when knee replacement is necessary. So, how bad does it have to be? Since surgery is a last resort, in many cases, doctors or surgeons try conservative treatments before they recommend joint surgery or knee replacement surgery. When we talk about conservative treatments, this includes physiotherapy, exercise, injections, physical therapy, medication, or any non-surgical process. Some doctors recommend losing weight before opting for knee replacement surgery and it also helps improve knee pain. Are you wondering when you should consider knee replacement surgery in India?


  1. Pain that isn’t improving: Those who have tried working out or exercising, pain medications but experienced no improvement, should consider knee replacement surgery. After the treatment, pain should go away for 90% – 95% of younger patients.
  2. Arthritis interferes with your peace: Anyone struggling with arthritis knows how difficult it is to walk, go to work or even sleep. This is a clear sign for you to consider knee replacement surgery.
  3. Swollen and stiff Knees: Do you have stiff, painful and swollen knees? If yes, then you may want to consider knee replacement surgery as it helps remove damaged and inflamed tissue in your knee that causes swelling.
  4. Knee injury: Deformed leg? Ever had an injury? or if you were born with a deformity, knee replacement surgery is always a good option. It helps repair the deformed knee joints and helps them move normally again.
  5. Resting is no fun: We all have our issues while we walk, exercise or run but when your knee hurts when you rest, that is a sign for you to consider surgery.

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For many, it takes three months after surgery before they can involve in regular activities however it can take six months to one year before they regain proper function. The recovery pace depends on your age, how strong your knee was and if you have health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes.

Knee Replacement surgery is an effective treatment that works wonders for you. If you are looking for medical solutions or the best joint replacement surgeon in India, then Med Tour Advisors can be of huge help. Contact us to get world-class treatment and tours via quality healthcare solutions. 

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