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Why is India an Emerging Destination for Bone Marrow Treatment for Patients from Africa?

Many patients from around the globe have sought out top-notch stem cell treatment at an
affordable price in India and have received successful healthcare services. For example, the
fate of patients from Nigeria hinges on their access to quality treatment and their chances of
recovery. Thankfully, India offers the best hospitals for bone marrow transplants at
reasonable rates, making it a great option for those seeking premium healthcare services.

What is Bone Marrow Transplant?

A bone marrow transplant, also known as a stem cell transplant, is a medical treatment that
involves using healthy blood-forming stem cells to replace bone marrow that isn't producing
enough healthy blood cells. This transplant is typically necessary when your body is unable to
generate or release sufficient healthy blood cells. The cells utilised in the transplant can either
come from your own body (autologous transplant) or a donor (allogeneic transplant).

Why is India the best place for African Patients to have a Bone Marrow Transplant and Other Treatments?

India has come to the fore as a top destination for medical tourism for many African patients,
including those from Zimbabwe and Tanzania, who are highly aware of their healthcare needs.
Due to their local healthcare system’s inadequacies, patients have sought medical treatment
abroad. In the past, only wealthy and successful Africans could afford this option, but now,
many treatments have become more affordable, thanks to India’s emergence as a leading
centre for medical tourism worldwide. From best kidney transplants in India to Cataract Surgery,
this country has the best facilities for all types of treatment.

Imagine getting a complex medical procedure from highly skilled surgeons in India for a fraction
of the cost of the same treatment in other countries. That’s exactly what India offers! People
worldwide now recognise that India is home to some of the most skilled doctors in every area of
medicine. Seeking medical treatment in India has numerous benefits beyond top-notch facilities
and an extensive range of treatments. The hospitals have highly trained staff capable of
performing any medical procedure and minimal wait times, making it a popular option for many
African patients.

How are Bone Marrow Transplants Carried Out?

When it comes to bone marrow transplants, doctors typically collect stem cells from a peripheral
vein, similar to donating blood or platelets. These stem cells, responsible for producing blood
cells like platelets, WBCs, and RBCs, are then infused into the patient after a short course of
This procedure is considered safe for both cancerous and non-cancerous donors and is widely
used in India to treat a variety of illnesses. After a successful bone marrow transplant, patients
can expect to resume their regular, healthy lifestyle within six to twelve months. With India’s
cutting-edge technology and medical expertise, you can trust that you’re in good hands.

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