Brain Tumor Treatment

The Intervention Brain Tumor Treatments in India

A brain tumor is a serious nervous disorder that needs to be cured on time. It is a dangerous disease. Its proper diagnosis is more than important. Symptoms may appear whenever a tumor pushes a nerve or injures a particular area in the brain. They are usually caused when the brain enlarges or fluids start to build up more in the skull. There are many treatment processes for it in the world that have been proving a boon day by day. Med Tour Advisors have the best specialist and latest equipment for brain tumor operations in India.

Common Signs Of Brain Tumors Are The Following:

  • Headaches n a regular basis
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Unable to walk or balance
  • Changes in mood, personality, or capacity to contemplate
  • Memory problems
  • Changes in hearing, speech as well as vision
  • Muscle jerking or trembling
  • Itchy feeling in body parts especially in legs and arms

Brain Tumor Treatment in India

When the suspicion of a brain tumor arises, a biopsy (removal of a tissue sample from the tumor) is needed to confirm the diagnosis. Depending on the tumor type and stage, the recommendation for treatment may include surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy. However, brain tumor operation in India is dependent on several factors like tumor type, location, size, age of a client as well as overall health situation of a person. The treatment process, as well as a program for brain tumors, varies from age to age. It should be mentioned that radiation and chemotherapy are mostly used on malignant brain tumors as part of the cancer treatment regime while surgery is done both on benign and malignant tumors.


Brain tumor diagnosis for brain cancer has been used in almost every known medical care unit. Operation is the general and most common method for brain tumor treatment. There are a number of different types of brain tumor removal surgery. A Craniotomy is the most common surgical procedure done on brain tumors today. In this procedure, the surgeon will open the skull in order to have full access to the brain and remove as many tumor cells as possible. A neurosurgeon can easily operate on a patient having this deadly tumor. This way of treatment is called a craniotomy.

Radiation Oncology

Apart from several treatments, radiation oncology is the best treatment process for it. A damaged brain cell is being stopped from rising by radiation treatment. This method is generally used after surgery due to remaining cancer cells which were unable to eliminate during surgery. Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays to destroy cancer cells. It is used to either slow down or stop the growth of the tumor. A client usually thinks of this innovative method when it is impossible already to have an operation done. Radiation oncology is truly the best process for curing brain tumors.


Radiation therapy is generally used along with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy cancer cells. In the case of brain tumors, chemotherapy is generally used after surgery if the tumor has grown again.


As medicine progresses, there are more and more minimally invasive procedures being done, preventing the need for open head surgery. One new technique is called the Neuroendoport (SM) technique, which includes an inserted tube through the skull, which creates a pathway for the endoscopic procedure, which keeps trauma to a minimum. There is an additional technique that the surgeon will access the brain through the patient’s nostril, thus avoiding skin trauma completely.

Cortical Mapping

Now -a -days advanced techniques are available for brain surgery such as cortical mapping which allows a doctor to identify the areas of the brain that are responsible for controlling the senses, speech, motor skills, etc. Advanced imaging devices provide doctors with the right tools to map out the exact location of the tumor.

Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy, an advanced form of radiation therapy is a globally proven standard to treat brain tumors with minimal side effects among multiple other benefits. Proton Therapy is available at the Various Proton Cancer Centre.

There are latest techniques that have been serving people in this regard by providing all right types of diagnoses for it. If you are looking for a successful and the best brain tumor operation in India then come and meet us. We are equipped with the latest tech and specialists to assist you always!

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