Cancer Treatments In India

The A To Z About Cancer

What is Cancer?

Our human body keeps on building and rejuvenating day by day. The process of development of new cells by the process of cell division and the disposal of the old ones is a continuous cycle. However, when someone has a condition in which the normal cells of the body start to divide uncontrollably that is when it turns into a disease. At times a mass of tissues called tumours develops at a particular location, while, in other instances, they can transport to various parts of the body. This condition wherein the body can no longer control the abnormal growth and multiplication of the cells results in the condition called cancer. With respect to the location in the body, a suitable treatment for the removal is required. For instance, the tumours of the breast are removed by breast cancer treatment in India. 

Types of tumours:

Cancer can be broadly classified into 2 types based on the type of tumour development, i.e., benign and malignant. 

  • Benign tumour: A benign tumour is a collection of cells at a particular location. This type of tumour is generally non-cancerous in nature. A benign tumour is generally not dangerous unless it starts to affect the organs or starts to become cancerous over the due course of time. These tumours are thereby classified based on the location of their formation, such as adenoma(on or in a gland or organ), chondroma(in the cartilage), fibroid(located in the dense fibrous tissue), neuroma(develops within the nerve cells) or meningioma(around the brain and the spinal cord) etc.
  • Malignant tumour: Malignant tumours are harmful tumours that can travel and spread to various parts of the body. For instance, when a tumour becomes harmful and starts to affect the brain, a brain tumour operation in India is followed through.
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Let us read about the two most basic types of cancers.

1. A general overview of Breast Cancers:

Breasts are the organs that sit on the upper ribs and on top of the muscles in the chest. On a general account, the breasts are the organs that have glands, ducts and fatty tissues. Additionally, breasts in women are specialised to deliver milk and nutrients to the infants. As we already know, when the breasts start to experience abnormal growth which does not spread to the other parts of the body, then these lumps are called benign and not malignant tumours. A threatening fact is that most women in India can not avail themselves of the benefits of breast cancer surgery in India irrespective of it being the most common cancer amongst women.

How does breast cancer spread?

When the cells of the breast start to abnormally grow faster than the healthy cells, it may be the initiation step of breast cancer. These sarcomas or lymphomas cells tend to metastasize to lymph nodes and other parts of the body while hampering the natural cell cycle.  Early detection of the lump formation in the breast region can play a crucial role in breast cancer treatment in India. However, a common myth about breast cancer is that men are not susceptible to it. Irrespective of gender, breast cancers have become a prevalent part of society and therefore require appropriate measures.

2. A detailed account of brain tumours:

The brain is one of the most crucial organs of our body. Being a part of the Central Nervous system, it helps in not just the transport and receiving of messages, but also in characterising a person. The brain can also undergo an uncontrollable division of cells(primary brain tumours) or the cancerous cells from other parts of the body can spread to the brain via metastasis (secondary brain tumours). As the tumours can not be felt by touch their identification in the brain to get the best brain tumour treatment in India is seemingly not as easy as that of breast cancers. Below mentioned is a list of symptoms people can fall back to for reference of the same:

  • The onset of mild to severe yet frequent headaches with hearing problems.
  • A disturbing pattern of headaches that are accompanying behavioural or personality changes.
  • The gradual loss of decision-making ability or facing confusion while dealing with the matters of everyday life.
  • Sudden experiences of seizures for those who have no seizure history.
  • Experiencing unexpected and unexplained nausea and vomiting.
  • The inability of the individual to follow simple instructions or to focus due to sporadic lethargy.
  • Since the cerebrum controls speech and balance, a disturbing pattern of the same could also be an indication of the development of tumours in the brain.
  • The hampered sensation of the arm is due to the nerve fibres responsible for being affected.

How can Med Tour Advisors help?

If you value life above everything else and are experiencing any problems related to the same then it is high time to look for consultations. We at Med Tour Advisors provide personalised and the finest references for getting the timely treatment of breast cancer or brain tumour operation in India. We believe in saving lives. Our panel of experts will help you locate the most sound clinics and the most qualified doctors for your treatment at a nominal price. With the use of the most advanced surgical procedures, you can get rid of the cancerous cells, once and for all. For any guidance regarding the same, get in touch with us. Get affordable cancer treatment in India at world-class cancer hospitals and add years to your life.

Some frequently asked questions? 

1. Is all sorts of pain in the breast a symptom of breast cancer? 

Ans. No, not really. The female body experiences slight pain and discomfort which is associated with pre and post menstruation. This soreness in the breast is called mastalgia. At times,  women tend to confuse this with the symptom of breast cancer. However, if the pain persists for more than 3 weeks, the required steps should be taken and consultation for mammography should be availed of at the earliest.

2. Can a man have breast cancer? 

Ans. Yes, they can. Anybody with a breast can have breast cancer, which includes all the Homo sapiens. However, the chances of the same are a bit lower than that in females. Transgender people are at a higher chance of the same.

3. Which specialist to refer to for my brian tumour-related concerns?

Ans. A neurosurgeon is a specialist who deals with the brain and brain-related problems.

4. Can Med Tour Advisors locate the best doctors for my brain tumour treatment? 

Ans. Definitely! Do not worry about that. Med Tours Advisors can find the best and most qualified doctors and surgeons for you. They will give you the chance to choose from a lot of capable options. Opt for the one that suits the best for you and at the most affordable price.

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