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Cancer, for the longest time, has been dreaded the most by humans. After all, the disease has been the cause of millions of deaths every year. This disease is also dangerous as it disrupts the proper functioning of any organ where it develops. Though dangerous, cancer is a common disease which can affect almost any part of the human body. It has also been found that about 40% of all people can possibly be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. While the dread associated with cancer cannot be denied, it’s a relief that today, with advancing medical facilities, we have advanced cancer treatments which can help patients in winning over this dreadful disease. India has some of the best doctors for cancer treatment in India to treat cancer.

What is Cancer Disease?

When the cells in your body start to divide at a comparatively faster rate, it results in a disease known as cancer. The abnormal growth of these cells forms into a lump or a tumour. Depending on the size and location of the tumour with a few other factors, determines the stages of cancer.

Cancers have four stages:

  • Stage I – Cancer is confined to a small area and hasn’t spread to other tissues or lymph nodes.
  • Stage II – There is growth in cancer but it hasn’t spread around.
  • Stage III – Cancer shows major growth and has spread to lymph nodes and other tissues
  • Stage IV – Cancer has progressed to other organs or other parts of the body. Commonly known as metastasis, this is advanced cancer.

In addition to this, there is also stage zero, which is the earliest phase of cancer when the cancer is localized to the area it originated from. Cancers of this stage are normally easily treatable. Most healthcare providers and doctors consider this stage precancerous.

What are the Symptoms of Cancer?

Depending upon the part of the body the cancer is caused in, the symptoms can vary. However, there are some general signs and symptoms that one must look out for as they can possibly be an early sign of cancer:

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Fever occuring mainly at nights
  • Chronic tiredness
  • Persistent pain
  • Unexplained bruising or bleeding
  • Changes in bladder or bowel habits
  • Trouble breathing
  • Persistent cough
  • Changes in skin such as darkening, excessive redness, yellowing of the skin, sores that won’t easily heal, changes in existing moles

If you have any persistent symptoms or signs, you should book an appointment with the best doctor for cancer treatment in India.

Why is Cancer Caused?

The cause of cancer is gene mutation. The DNA is packaged into a large number of specific genes, each of which contains a set of instructions telling the cells to perform particular functions for their growth and division. When there are errors in the instructions, the cells stop their normal functions which causes the cell to become cancerous.

What are the risk factors for cancer?

Take a look at the risk factors that are known to cause cancer in people:

  • Age: You might not know, but the development of cancer might take up to decades. The average age of those who receive a cancer diagnosis is 65 or higher. Cancer is not just an adult disease, even though older persons are more likely to develop it. Cancer can be detected at any age.
  •  Habits: It is well recognised that some lifestyle decisions raise your risk of developing cancer. Tobacco use, excessive alcohol use (up to two drinks per day for males and up to one drink per day for women), frequent blistering sunburns, excessive sun exposure, being fat, and unsafe sex are all risk factors for cancer. Although some habits are easier to modify than others, you can adjust certain behaviours to reduce your risk of developing cancer.
  • Inheritance: A very small percentage of cancers are brought on by an inherited condition. If cancer runs in your family, mutations could be passed on from one generation to the next. If you want to find out if you have inherited mutations that could make you more likely to get particular cancer, you might be a good candidate for genetic testing. Remember that not everyone who carries an inherited genetic mutation will develop cancer.
  • Health Conditions: There are several health conditions which can give rise to certain types of cancers. Ulcerative colitis is one such chronic health condition which can give rise to cancer.
  • Surroundings: Hazardous chemicals in the environment may raise your risk of developing cancer. If you go places where people are smoking or if you live with someone who smokes, even if you don’t smoke, you could inhale secondhand smoke. Additionally, exposure to chemicals like benzene and asbestos at work or at home is linked to a higher chance of developing cancer.

How is cancer diagnosed?

The doctor has to determine the location of the tumour and the stage of the disease to find proper treatment. For example, if you are seeking breast cancer treatment in India, there is a list of tests that your doctor will ask you to run through. They will examine you thoroughly and inquire about your symptoms. The following are certain tests that are run to diagnose cancer:

  • Urine tests
  • Blood tests
  • X-rays
  • CT scans
  • Magnetic
  • esonance Imaging
  • Ultrasonography
  • Biopsy

Cancer treatment

Conductive Hearing Loss

Once your diagnosis is over, the team of doctors will design a personalized treatment plan based on the condition and severity of your disease. Cancer treatment includes:

Radiation therapy

High dosages of radiation are given in the course of treatment to eradicate cancer cells. In rare cases, radiation and chemotherapy are administered at the same time. For stomach cancer treatment in India, radiation therapy is quite common.

Radiation Therapy


This is one of the most common cancer treatments that are used in today’s times. Chemotherapy involves the use of powerful drugs to effectively destroy cancerous cells. This can be either given through an IV or through pill form.

Hormone therapy

In some cases, hormones can inhibit other hormones that cause cancer. For instance, hormone therapy may be used to prevent prostate cancer in males whose testosterone levels are high.

Hormone Therapy
Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone Marrow Transplant

This is also known as stem cell transplantation. In this treatment, the damaged stem cells are replaced with healthier cells. Before transplantation, doctors recommend chemotherapy so that the body prepares for the transplant.


Immunotherapy, also known as biological therapy, uses the immune system of your body to treat disease. While leaving healthy cells unharmed, it can target cancer cells.

In some cases, surgery can also be done to remove the cancerous tumour. Breast cancer surgery in India is one such treatment in which the cancerous cells are directly removed from the body.


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Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer is known to be one of the deadliest diseases mankind has ever known about. Not only does it affect people physically and mentally, but it also drains one financially as well. This is why it is important to search for reliable and affordable cancer treatment, and there’s one place where you can avail of both these aspects, India.

India is turning out to be a popular medical tourism destination due to its advancing healthcare industry. The recent developments have shown enormous growth in the medical facilities making India an incredibly affordable and reliable country for quality medical assistance. People from all across the world are travelling to India so that they can get the right treatment here in a cost-effective manner. You can find the right treatment for all kinds of cancers, right from stomach cancer to lung cancer and skin cancer to the best pediatric treatment in India.

How Can Med Tour Advisors Help?

Med Tour Advisors are known to align your medical needs with the best surgeons and teams of doctors in the country to assure you of high-quality medical facilities. We work right from providing you with appropriate accommodation to suitable conveyance to make your stay comfortable and inexpensive.

We also provide continuous assistance throughout your treatment to ensure a better overall healthcare experience without you having to face any inconvenience in due process. Find a world-class hospital for the Best brain tumor treatment in India. Connect with us to learn more about our services.  

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

No, not really. The female body experiences slight pain and discomfort, which is associated with pre and post-menstruation. This soreness in the breast is called mastalgia. At times, women tend to confuse this with the symptom of breast cancer. However, if the pain persists for more than three weeks, the required steps should be taken, and consultation for mammography should be availed at the earliest.

Yes, they can. Anybody with a breast can have breast cancer, which includes all the Homo sapiens. However, the chances of the same are a bit lower than that in females. Transgender people are at a higher chance of the same.

A neurosurgeon is a specialist who deals with brain and brain-related problems.

Definitely! Do not worry about that. Med Tours Advisors can find the best and most qualified doctors and surgeons for you. They will give you the chance to choose from a lot of capable options. Opt for the one that suits you best for you and at the most affordable price.

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