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Healthy Heart, Healthier Living: Specialized Cardiovascular Surgeries in India

The human heart is one of the most crucial organs of our bodies which keeps our existence in control. In simple words, the heart is the engine room of our body which keeps it running. Pumping the right amount of blood throughout the body, it aids in the transfer of oxygen and nutrients from one organ to another and keeps toxins and waste materials at bay. It is indeed miraculous to have an organ as big as our fist being the centre of circulation. But what happens when this organ is unable to do the task that it so effortlessly does?

You would be surprised to know that cardiovascular diseases are one of the prominent causes of death across the world. Almost 18 million lives end each year due to cardiovascular and related heart health issues. However, in most cases, the damage can be stopped from progressing, and significant help can be provided to patients with the help of cardiovascular surgeries. The medical and healthcare industry has significantly evolved in India, making it one of the most preferred locations to get cardiovascular surgeries. Excellent healthcare facilities, world-class surgeons and affordable services are making India a remarkable nation to get surgeries done.

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Understanding Cardiac Surgeries in a Better Light

Any surgical procedure involving the heart or the blood vessels that deliver blood to and from the heart is referred to as cardiovascular surgery. Commonly, these are also known as cardiac surgeries or heart surgeries. Cardiovascular surgery is generally performed on people who have experienced a heart attack, a stroke, or a blood clot.

Types of Cardiac Surgeries

Cardiovascular surgery is carried out by doctors to treat heart failure or coronary disorders, implant medical devices, replace the heart with a new one, and repair damaged heart valves and other damaged parts of the heart. Have a look at some of the common types of cardiac surgeries:

Heart Bypass Surgery

Heart bypass surgery, also known as coronary bypass surgery, helps to redirect blood around a clogged/blocked artery in the heart. The surgeon connects segments of healthy blood vessels from various body parts around the blocked artery. Heart bypass surgery increases heart function but does not remove blockages or alleviate symptoms like chest pain.

Heart Bypass Surgery
Heart Valve Surgery

Heart Valve Surgery

There are four valves of the heart, aorta, pulmonary, mitral and tricuspid valves. It is these valves that are responsible for the circulation of the appropriate amount of blood throughout the heart and the body. This surgery is performed when either of the valves stops functioning; the doctor either repairs it or replaces it. The term ‘heart valve surgery’ refers to this procedure. The surgeon may choose to perform minimally invasive cardiac surgery or open-heart surgery for this technique.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

As the name suggests, pediatric cardiac surgery is cardiac surgery in children. Pediatric cardiac surgery is carried out by the best pediatric heart surgeon in India to treat congenital heart abnormalities or other heart conditions. Some of the common congenital abnormalities are:

  • Septal defects
  • Hypoplastic left heart syndrome
  • TGA
  • Tetralogy of Fallot
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery​
Heart Transplant Surgery​

Heart Transplant Surgery

Heart transplant surgery involves the removal of an unhealthy or diseased heart and replacing it with a healthy donor heart. A heart surgeon performs this surgery after trying all the possible options. A heart transplant is performed in case of

  • Coronary artery disease
  • Congenital heart defects
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Heart Valves
  • Previously unsuccessful heart transplant surgery

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Why Should You Not Delay Cardiac Surgeries?

Even the possibility of having heart disease is a frightening thought. This is why it is crucial to understand heart diseases and the right steps toward treatment. While you may feel normal and not notice any problem for a long time, heart conditions are not something to be ignored, and once you have it, you have no other option than to run to a heart specialist in India. After all, it can result in severe health complications. In addition to problems like continued weakness and fatigue, in many cases, it results in decreased life expectancy. To avert such a scenario, opt for the right treatment with Med Tour Advisors.

Symptoms of Cardiac disease

Coronary artery disease is one of the heart conditions which affects all the major blood vessels of the heart. Some of the common symptoms of heart disease are listed below:

  • Chest tightness
  • Chest pain
  • Chest pressure
  • Angina or chest discomfort
  • Sharp and persistent pain in the neck, upper belly area, throat, jaw and back
  • Weakness in legs and arms

The Procedure of an Open-Heart Surgery

Most heart surgeries take approximately three to six hours. Have a look at the basic steps of open-heart surgery:

  • Anesthesia is administered into the patient. This guarantees that they will be dozing off and pain-free throughout the entire procedure.
  • An 8-to-10-inch incision is made in the chest by the surgeon
  • To access the patient’s heart, the surgeon makes a full or partial cut through the breastbone.
  • A heart-lung bypass machine may be connected to the patient once the heart is seen. So that when the surgeon is carrying out the procedure, the machine pumps blood away from the heart. However, in some new-age surgeries, this is not used.
  • The surgeon creates a new passage around the blocked artery using a healthy vein or artery.
  • Once this is done, the surgeon seals the breastbone with wire and leaves the wire within the body, after which the original cut is stitched up.

For those at high risks, such as people who have undergone several surgeries or are elderly, sternal plating may occasionally be necessary. After surgery, the breastbone is repaired with tiny titanium plates known as sternal plating.

Why opt India for Cardiac Surgeries?

In the recent few years, India has gained popularity among medical tourists around the world. There are several reasons behind this emerging popularity. Some of the reasons are cost-effective treatment, world-class facilities, and the best cardiac surgeons in India. In India, there are more than 500 heart surgery hospitals, most of which are accredited by the Joint Commission International and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals. Top reasons to choose India for cardiac surgery:

  • Access to the top medical care at hospitals with cutting-edge facilities and futuristic technology
  • The cost of surgery is also reasonable when compared to other developed nations
  • Surgeons are highly skilled and are seasoned with years of expertise in their respective fields

The Success Rate of Cardiac Surgery in India

As the last few years have shown immense growth in the medical and healthcare facilities in India, there has also been a sudden drop in mortality due to cardiovascular issues. With tremendous development in the healthcare sector and a great team of heart specialists in India, the nation has become one of the top countries with a high success rate for cardiac surgeries. You’d be surprised to know that the success rate of cardiac surgeries in India is over 95%.

How Can Med Tour Advisors Help You?

If you are searching for the best cardiac surgeon in India, Med Tour Advisors can assist you. To find the right hospitals and cardiac surgeons in India, you can rely on us. We help you find personalized care with specialized treatment while making sure you do not face any inconvenience in your medical journey.

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Indeed, smoking plays a vital role in heart-related problems. Smoking is the major cause of arteriosclerosis. The nicotine in cigarettes causes less oxygen to reach the heart and higher blood pressure with a high heart rate. It also causes an increase in the tendency of the blood to clot. Nicotine is also responsible for damaging the cells that line the coronary arteries and other blood vessels. Therefore, getting in touch with the best cardiac surgeon in India is the right thing to do if someone is experiencing heart-related problems.

One should:

  • Eat more vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruits.
  • Cut down the level of trans fats and swap the saturated fats with the unsaturated ones.
  • Eat lean sources of protein and avoid eating red meat. Red meat is high in fats and cholesterol.
  • Limit simple carbohydrates and include complex carbohydrates in your diet.
  • Cut down on salts and sugars.
  • Have a proper workout routine and follow it judiciously.

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