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All About Cochlear Implant Surgery in India

Each and every part of our body is as crucial as the other. Just like we can not bear the loss of any part of our machinery, similarly, we can not bear the malfunctioning of any organ in our body too. That is why keeping everything in check becomes a matter of prime importance.

The power to hear and respond to things is a blessing most of us take for granted. Imagine waking up one morning and not being able to listen to the melodious voice of the chirping birds or the soft tunes of the guitar. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? However, people who cannot hear the carols of life know that the switch to reality is inevitable. Therefore, we, at Med Tours Advisors, have tried to bridge the gap between the ‘wish and want’. Through our affordable services, we help you discover the best hospitals and experts for cochlear implant surgery in India so that you can have the power to hear and express yourself magnificently again.

What are cochlear implants?

A cochlear implant is a neuroprosthetic, i.e., an electronic device that is capable of providing the sense of hearing to people with bilateral moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss. It is a small yet complex device whose external portion sits behind the ear and a second portion is surgically implanted under the skin. As subcutaneous surgery is required, reaching out to the finest surgeons becomes crucial for getting the best cochlear implant in India. It is significant to note that an implant does not restore the normal hearing capacity of an individual. Its function is to help in the understanding of the speech from the environment by the representation of the sound. For a detailed understanding, a cochlear implant comprises the following parts:

  • The basic outline is of a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver receives the sound signals and passes them on to the processors which convert them into electrical impulses.
  • The microphone and speech processors are the basic receivers in a cochlear implant which pick up the sound from the environment and filter them. These received sounds are then arranged for further processing.
  • Getting the sound from the external environment is crucial but processing it is the key. Therefore, a group of electrodes called the electrode array collects the impulses from the processors and passes them on to the various regions of the auditory nerve.

Having understood that, a person can expect a better hearing power but not a 100% hearing capacity after getting the cochlear implant surgery in India.

The Working of a Cochlear Implant

After having an idea of the structure of an implant, its working is pretty easy to comprehend. The extraordinary feature of cochlear implants is that they transfer the signal received by the close synced receiver-processor-electrodes directly to the brain. In the process, they bypass the damaged and harmed portions of the ear. The electrical impulses sent by the auditory nerve to the central nervous system are thereby interpreted accordingly.

Hearing aids v/s Cochlear Implants

People tend to confuse a cochlear implant with a hearing aid. A hearing aid is a completely different piece of equipment that amplifies the sound to be heard by the damaged ears. However, the best cochlear implant in India has an advantage over it as it transmits the signals directly to the brain via the auditory nerves, breaking the cycle of amplification.

Who all can get the implants?

People(children and adults) who have hard hearing problems can get these cochlear implants. The implants work magically for people who are specially abled for hearing. Children with born deafness over the age of 18 months can also get cochlear implants.

Living with Cochlear Implants

Being an addition to the normal functioning of the body it thereby becomes crucial to get accustomed to the use of this prosthetic hearing implant. A surgical procedure to instil it in the ear and the skin, followed by therapy would suffice. This will make a person capable of using it in their day to day life. After getting therapy sessions one will be able to learn and relearn whilst developing a memory. Eventually, one can recognize speech both in person and over a telephonic conversation. They would be able to identify the sounds in the environment. Learning to respond to emergency signals and warning signs after getting cochlear implant surgery in India will also be possible in due course of time.

The good part of these implants is that even specially-abled children under 18 months of age can get them implanted and obtain a chance to be exposed to sound at a very young age. This exposure will help them to comprehend the sound and music and will thereby be able to give appropriate responses. They will be able to communicate with their peers better in the future. During the course of time, they develop the auditory behaviour normally just like any other kids without the aid. Additionally, classical classroom learning won’t be a problem for them anymore.

We, at Med Tour Advisors, with our consultations for the panel of expert surgeons, have made the dream of hearing for patients with special hearing abilities possible. Our team puts their best foot forward by providing affordable cochlear implants referrals. With our completely transparent services, we aim to set ourselves apart from the lot. Our decades of experience are well known to people by word of mouth. Our company is well known for being the advisors who are best for cochlear implants in India. If you want to get any guidance regarding the same, we are right here to help you. You can always reach out to us at Med Tours Advisors.

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