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Dr Rahul Bhargava

Dr Rahul Bhargava​

Director Hematology Director Hematology and Head of Stem Cell Transplant,

Currently at Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurugram, Haryana, India as Senior Consultant

Medanta-The Medicity, Gurgaon till July 2013
Worked as Consultant Hematology and Heading Stem cell transplant.
In 2 years of work, I have established one of the most successful transplant units in North India. Till date, we have done 400 transplants which is record-breaking in whole of North India. In these years, Medanta Hematology department has been able to successfully cater to both benign and malignant hematology patients making it the busiest unit in North India.

Stem Cell Transplant Fellowship

Worked in Vancouver, Canada from May 2009 to June 2010 where specifically trained in Voluntary Stem cell transplant and Umbilical cord transplant.

Academic Registrar, Department of Hematology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India, July 2006 to 2009

Worked as an Academic registrar in the Department of Hematology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences after successfully qualifying for the D.M program which is a highest academic degree in hematology in the India’s most reputed institute. The department has its own bone marrow transplantation unit and exhaustive laboratory facilities, providing one of the best yet affordable transplant and other hematological services to not only Indian population but also to people from neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and others.
The department functions through its specialist clinics, in-patient services and day care centre. The training program is a three years structured programmed to include rotation in different wards( general and private wards), day care centre, 6 months hemato-pathology training, 15 days blood bank rotation , 1 months medical oncology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine each.
Out-Patient Department (OPD) – It runs six days a week. 25+ new patients (including pediatric and adult patients) are registered on alternate days in addition to the daily attendance of 200+ follow-up patients. The specialist clinics include Hemolytic Anemia and Thalassemias, Chronic Leukemias, Thrombosis and Bleeding, Hypoproliferative Anemias, Acute Leukemias and Lymphomas and Transplant clinic. I evaluate new patients in the morning followed by follow-ups in the evening session. In the afternoon, I examine the peripheral blood smears of the OPD patients under supervision of the hematopathology consultant to plan the further work-up. Twice a week, I attend the clinico-pathological correlation meet to discuss and review interesting cases.
Indoor Wards – The department has 11 beds in general ward including intensive care unit and 35 beds in private ward. While working in wards, I take history and do complete physical examination of the newly admitted patients, plan further work-up, provide clinical care and perform various procedures required including, administration of chemotherapies. Although I am a trained in adult medicine, I provide care to both adult and pediatric patients. I am on 24 hours call duty every fifth day. On a weekly average, I perform five to six bone marrow aspirations and biopsies, three to four lumbar punctures, four to eight PICCs insertions, three to five central venous catheter insertions including Hickman catheter and variable number of arterial punctures, pleural and peritoneal tappings. I am competent in performing these procedures on adult as well as pediatric patients. During my training I have done six allogenic transplant independently including two thalassemia, two CML, one AML and one aplastic anemia. I am proficient in handling hemonitics cell separator which we use for stem cell harvest and single donor aphaeresis.
Day Care Centre – During my rotation in day care centre, I performed 12+ bone marrow biopsies, 15+ lumbar punctures, five phlebotomies daily. I also administered chemotherapies and supervised blood/blood product transfusions.
Academic Activities – I regularly participates in the clinico-radiological meet held every fortnightly. Every six months, I have to present to two journal clubs, one case discussion and one seminar.
Senior Registrar, Department of Hematology, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India, January 2005 to June 2006
Christian Medical College or CMC is one of the four centers in the country providing advanced diagnostic, therapeutic, coagulation services and marrow and stem cell transplantation services, performing 30 to 40 transplants annually including Haploidentical transplant. It was the first ce1aqntre in which allogenic transplant was started in this country. The labs are considered to one of the best in Asia which runs both diagnostic and research facilities. I assisted in one of the haploidentical transplant.
It was a 100 bedded department including four bedded intensive care and three bedded exclusive beta thalassemia transplant unit and rest six bedded separate units for leukemia transplant. I used to be on 24-hours duty every third day, managing the admitted patients, responding to emergency calls and attending consultations from other departments. In the Out patients department, which runs twice a week, I saw about 15 new patients apart from 40+ follow ups. I had to attend and plan management including investigations, independently for the patients. For admitted patients, I took independent ward round and discussed with the consultant, in case of any problem. In the ward, I performed bone marrow aspirations and biopsies (eight a day), lumbar punctures (five a day), PICCs insertions (two a day), central venous catheter placements (three a day), arterial punctures, pleural and peritoneal tappings. There I learned the basics of coagulation and was involved in one Hip transplant of Hemophilia A patient. I was regularly posted in hemophilia clinic where the bolus and continuous infusion was taught and some experience of yttrium synvectomy was gained.
As a trainee we were posted for 6 months in blood bank and hemato-pathology lab. In blood bank DIC management and basic procedure of blood banking was taught. I regularly participated in the inter-departmental meetings between our and pathology, radiology, microbiology, nuclear medicine, transfusion medicine, radiotherapy, genetics and GI surgery. I also looked after the day care centre responsible for administering chemotherapy, blood transfusion and other therapies. I represented my department in an institute run support group providing psychological, social and financial support to patients and their relatives.

Registrar, Department of Medicine, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, India March 2001 to June 2004

Proficient in management of a wide gamut of cases of internal medicine and respective sub-specialties.

1. Infectious diseases- good expertise in management of tropical diseases.
2. Cardiology (eight months): Extensive training in management of valvular, congenital, ischemic heart diseases, arrhythmias, cardiac emergencies and practical procedures like pericardiocentices, temporary pacing, ECHO, ECG. Assisted in angiography.
3. Neurology (five months): Trained in managing CVA, neurological emergencies and evaluation of neurological diseases.
4. Nephrology (five months): Well trained in performing peritoneal and haemodialysis, renal biopsy and medical management of renal diseases.
5. Endocrinology: Trained in management of Diabetes, thyroid and adrenal disorders.
6. Gastroenterology (5 months): Evaluation and management of GIT and hepatic disorders. Assisted in endoscopic procedures.
Medical School Honours / Award
1. Best out going post graduate resident award at Gandhi medical college

Courses, Workshops and Conferences attended:

1. Zone CME on Respiratory Diseases, 23rd February, 2003, Mumbai
2. IX National CME in Hematology 24th to 26th April 2003, Mumbai
3. National Update in Medicine 19th September, 2003.
4. CME on Recent Advances in Epilepsy 17th October, 2003.
5. 1ST National Conference on Cardiology Diabetology and Electrocarocadiology 7th to 9th November, 2003…
6. CME on Fluid & Electrolyte 21st November, 2003.
7. 1st International Conference of Indian Society of Hemodialysis 21st to 23rd March, 2004, Delhi.
8. X National CME In Hematology April 23rd to 25th 2004, Mumbai.
9. XIIth National CME In Hematology, 2006, Mumbai
10. National Hematology Update, 28th February-2nd March, 2007,New Delhi
11. 63 rd Annual conference of Association of Physician of India Kochi 13-17th January 2008
12. 48th British Society for Haematology Annual Scientific Meeting 7th- 10th April 2008, Glasgow

Research Work:

1. Doctoral Thesis on “Thyroid Dysfunction in Patients of Chronic Renal Failure
2. Oral Antifungal Prophylaxis in Neutropenic Patients with Hematological Malignancies: Randomized Controlled Trial of Oral itraconazole versus Fluconazole
3. Platelet Dysfunction In Myeloproliferative Disorder Excluding CML


1. Aggrawal DK, Bhargava R, Dolai TK, Singhal D, Mahapatra M, Rathi S, Bohra B, Rathod N. An unusual presentation of eosinophilic variant of chronic myeloid leukemia (eoCML). Ann Hematol. 2008 Jul 30.
2. Bhargava R, Dolai TK, Singhal D, Mahapatra M, Mishra P, Rathod N, Rathi S. Pure red cell aplasia associated with thymoma: Is thymectomy the cure? Leuk Res. 2008 May 20.
3. Bhargava R, Dolai TK, Singhal D, Kumar R, Pathak P. Retinoic acid syndrome after first dose of ATRA and ileal perforation secondary to promyelocytes infiltration. Leuk Res. 2008 Jun;32(6):997-8. Epub 2007 Nov 19.
4. Bhargav R, Mahapatra M, Mishra P, Kumar R. Overdose with 6400 mg of imatinib: is it safe? Ann Oncol. 2007 Oct; 18(10):1750-1.
5. R Saxena , R Bhargava Ovarian cancer and Haemostatic defect. Indian Journal of Medical&Pediatric Oncology Vol 29 No 2 ;2008:4-5
6. Mishra, Pravas; Naithani Rahul; Dolai, Tuphan; Bhargava Rahul; Mahapatra, Manoranjan; Dixit, Ashish; Seth, Tulika; Kumar, Rajat; Saxena, Renu.Intracranial Hemorrhage in Patients with Congenital Haemostatic Defects accepted in Hemophilia journal

Chapter in Books
1. Refractory Iron deficiency Anemia – Hematology Update 2008 page no 54-60
Papers in various conferences
1. Sharma V. K Dubey T.N ,Bhargava R, Chakarvarthy S , Maheshwari P “A clinical-radiological correlation and follow up of cases with Single Small Contrast Enhancing Computed Tomography Lesion(SSECTL)Epilepsia/-25 international epilepsy conference at Portugal Oct12 to 16 2003, Volume 44 Suppl.8; Page 183
2. Bhardwaj V. K. , Bhargava R. , Nigam R. “Clinico-pathological study of inhibitors in Hemophillic patients” in BHOPAL, INDIA, World Congress Hemophilia Bangkok, Thailand 02 PO 13 Haemophilia (2004), 10, (Suppl. 3), 5–13
3. Bhardwaj V. K. , Bhargava R. , Nigam R “Osteoarticular involvement in Haemophillic patients: A survey” BHOPAL, INDIA, World Congress Hemophilia Bangkok, Thailand October 2004
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5. Dubey T.N , Bhargava R , Shridhar.G , Silodia A “Single Seizure – Clinical Evaluation, CT and EEG Correlation and Follow up Study” 5th Asian and Oceanain epilepsy Congress Aug. 2004, Abstract Book abstract no 001 page 12
6. Shridhar.G , Bhargava R , Giri S, Dwievedi R, Dubey T.N : Clinical Evaluation of Epileptic Seziure in Childrens and its Correlations with EEG and CT Scan and Development of predictor Scoring for Abnormal CT scan 5th Asian and Oceanain epilepsy Congress Aug. 2004 P074 PAGE 30
7. Dolai TK, Kumar.R, Bhargava R, Mahapatra M Mishra P, Seth T: Pyomyositis A Rare Association in Hematological Disorder JAPI on Vol.56. MAY 2008
8. Bhargava R, Dolai TK, Kumar.R, Mahapatra M, Mishra P, Seth T: Vocal Cord Palsy in Aplastic Anaemia JAPI on Vol.56. MAY 2008

Proficiency in Computers:

I am well versed with Windows XP, MS Office and SPSS software for data analysis
Extra Curricular Activities:
1. Cultural Secretary Gandhi Medical College Bhopal
2. Secretary Junior Doctors Association from April2003to July2004
3. In Charge of Academic Seminars and Case Presentation at Gandhi Medical College
4. In charge of epilepsy and hematology clinic at Hamidia hospital Bhopal
5. Member Organizing committee of national medicine update at Gandhi medical college Bhopal
6. President, AIIMS, Resident Doctor Association (RDA).

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