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Nowadays, more people have issues with walking and hearing crunching sounds as they climb stairs. Knee osteoarthritis is a genuine pain.

If you have arthritis and other joint pain, it’s time to take measures to correct it. At Med Tour Advisors, we have a dedicated team that will help you to find the best joint replacement surgeon in India. As we know, India is quite famous for offering permanent solutions to prolonged joint illness and pain. The success rate for such surgery is almost 100%, which attracts people around the globe. Whether it’s about hip replacement surgery or knee replacement, the availability of advanced technology & equipment makes the overall treatment smooth.

Knee Replacement

Most people in the middle-aged category are currently dealing with knee problems. Many individuals who will undergo knee surgery may be concerned about the problems that could develop for them afterwards.

Knee arthroplasty, often known as knee replacement, is a procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint in an effort to relieve pain and disability.

One of the most often performed bone operations in India is knee replacement surgery. Over 90% of patients who have had their knees replaced report significant improvements in pain and mobility. You and your orthopaedic surgeon specialist will carefully decide if you need the procedure together.

Why Would You Need a Knee Replacement?

There are several causes of knee discomfort that can lead to surgery, some of which are described below:

  • You find it difficult to walk, climb stairs, or get out of a chair while you’re in excruciating pain and stiffness.
  • You get nagging knee pain while you’re sleeping, which may prevent you from getting enough rest.
  • Your knee usually has swelled.
  • You have a bent knee or other flaws.
  • Both medication and physical therapy haven’t worked.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgery

Your doctor will carefully examine your knee before deciding on the type of surgery you will have.

All of the procedures above are carried out in India by surgeons who are MCI-registered.

Surgery for partial and total knee replacement

The medial, lateral, and patellofemoral parts of your knee joint.

For individuals with issues affecting 1/3 or 2/3 of the knee joint’s compartments, partial knee replacement (PKR) is an ideal option. However, a total knee replacement (TKR) is necessary when all three compartments are damaged.

Knee Revision Surgery

Compared to the first surgery, revision surgery is more difficult and requires greater surgical skill.

It could be a revision in full or in part. Depending on the substituted prosthetic(s), knee replacement can be another option to go for.

Staged and Bilateral Knee Surgery

The medical terms for a single or simultaneous knee surgery are staged and bilateral. One knee is replaced at a time during a staged knee operation. Bilateral knee surgery is performed simultaneously on both knees by the surgeon.

Knee Replacement Surgery Methods in India

Conventional Surgery Methods

Primary and revision knee surgeries are carried out by Indian surgeons with little risk of complications and high chances of success. Children whose bones are still growing cannot have such procedures done.

Latest Technology and Surgery Methods

Patients undergoing knee surgery have been seen to perform better when ERAS(Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) follows computer-assisted TKR(Typical Knee Replacement Surgery). Orthopaedics follows these guidelines in India to guarantee the best outcomes for patients seeking any type of knee replacement surgery.

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Why Opt For Knee Replacement Surgery In India?

Most effective Knee Replacement Surgery in India has developed a reputation for offering patients world-class and traditional knee surgery. Medical researchers with various knee conditions frequently travel to India from throughout the world.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip arthroplasty is sometimes referred to as hip replacement surgery. It is a surgical technique used to relieve severe hip injury and pain.

The hip joint is made up of a ball (located at the head of the femur, also known as the thigh bone) and a socket (located in the pelvis, also known as the hip bone). Parts of the hip joint are replaced with artificial implants.

During hip replacement surgery, either one or both hip components are replaced. Your ability to continue your regular routines and engage in pain-free exercise is the procedure’s main objective.

The main reason for having a hip replacement.

  • Relief from pain
  • Enhanced movement
  • Boost strength
  • There is now better torso-leg coordination.
  • Being more comfortable while walking, climbing stairs, sitting, and leading an active lifestyle.

Different types of advanced hip replacement surgery techniques in India

Robot-assisted hip replacement surgery

Hip replacement surgery with robot assistance is a very simple technique that successfully replace the injured hip joint with accuracy.

With the use of this method, the surgeons may offer each patient a customised surgical experience based on their unique diagnosis and anatomy. With little damage and speedier healing, it is minimally invasive and bone-saving.

Minimally invasive hip replacement

With minimally invasive hip replacement surgery, the surgeon can replace the patient’s hip through one or two smaller incisions.

The same artificial implants are used in minimally invasive hip replacement treatments as in conventional hip replacement surgeries. In this process, specialised instruments are needed to adequately prepare the socket and femur and put the implants.

Similar surgical techniques are used, but the less soft tissue is dissected. The length of a single minimally invasive hip incision might range from 3 to 6 inches. It depends on the size of the patient and challenges in the procedure. The incision is often done on the exterior of the hip. Less than in a conventional hip replacement, the muscles and tendons are split or disconnected.

What is the success rate of hip and knee replacement in India?

One of the most successful and economical surgical procedures is total hip replacement. Over 95% of hip and knee replacement surgeries in India are successful. The majority of patients who had hip replacement surgery reported feeling pain reduction. For the ensuing 25 years, the patient is anticipated to be pain-free.

How much does hip replacement and knee replacement surgery cost in India?

The type of operation, the implant’s material, and the surgical technique affect how much hip and knee replacement will cost.

The orthopaedic surgeon may advise a medical examination to ascertain the extent of the joint injury and other medical issues. Based on this evaluation report and current health, the replacement surgeon will suggest the patient’s best course of action. Given below are the estimated cost for hip and knee replacement available at Med Tour Advisors:

THR- Total Hip Replacement U/L1+553006000
THR- Total Hip Replacement B/L2+681008800
TKR-Total Knee Replacement U/L1+547005400
TKR-Total Knee Replacement B/L2+668007500

How Can Med Tour Advisors Help You?

With our consultation, Med Tour Advisors has helped several families & individuals with joint replacement surgery. With the most excellent infrastructure, and the best possible Medical facilities, accompanied by the most competitive prices, you can get the treatment done in India at the lowest charges. We have a list of top hospitals & doctors in the main cities like Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi, etc., in India with every health packaging detail. Thus, if you’re looking for safe knee replacement, Hip Replacement, and Shoulder Replacement Surgery in India, get in touch with us today. In addition, our services also include visa arrangements, travel assessments, language translation, offering accommodations, etc


You will need a physical examination and pre-admission test before surgery, participate in pre-operative education classes, and prepare your home for returning after surgery. While these measures may take a few weeks after your hip replacement surgery, they will assist you in attaining long-term success.

An average period you’ll have to stay lasts three to six days. After the procedure, painkillers will be given to alleviate the discomfort. After surgery, a full recovery could take three to six months, depending on the patient’s overall health, rehabilitation, and recovery.

The replacement of the knee joints, which are composed of three parts: the thigh bone, shinbone, and kneecap, is a component of total knee replacement surgery. The surgeon will remove bone and damaged cartilage from the knee joint and replace them with metal components during the procedure. Knee arthroplasty is another name for this treatment.

As mentioned, the cost of medical treatment in India is affordable as compared to other countries like the UK and US. However, depending upon the type of Hip replacement surgery in India you’re going for, the number of days staying in the hospital, and the material used for implantation, the surgery cost might differ. At Med Tour Advisors, we offer medical consultation to find the best treatment & hospital under your budget.

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