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What is spinal surgery?

A healthy quality of life only depends on when all your body parts function properly, especially your Spine. The Spine, also known as the vertebral column, is a crucial, intricate structure that protects the Spinal Cord and supports the body’s weight. Unfortunately, many medical conditions can affect the Spine, including Spina bifida, Spondylolisthesis, herniated spinal discs (slipped discs), accidental injuries, sports injuries, etc. Also, birth abnormalities and spinal tumours are two other spine problems.

Even while many spinal conditions are treatable with medication and rehabilitation, the modern, sedentary lifestyle has greatly increased the danger of back problems and injuries, resulting in a growing need for spinal procedures.

Before having spine surgery, there are several things to think about. The most crucial things are:

  • Will the procedure be required to address the problem?
  • Is it appropriate to treat the issue without surgery?
  • Which type of spinal surgery—traditional or minimally invasive—is preferable?

What all problems lead to spinal pain?

The spinal cord can bend unnaturally, fracture, or develop a tumour. It can also experience spinal discomfort, nerve compression, age-related spinal stenosis, etc.

Given below are a few examples of the anatomical issues:

  • Injuries to joints, ligaments, or the bones themselves may cause pain. Additionally, nerve roots that travel to the arms and legs may occasionally feel irritated or pinched. Inflammation or degeneration may also result in discomfort.

Benefits of spine surgery:

Here are several crucial advantages you will experience following back surgery that goes beyond just pain relief:

  • You can move around more easily and have less pain.
  • You can resume your regular schedule.
  • Fit mood physically elevates
  • Less dependence on painkillers
  • And makes it more efficient at work.

What are several reasons for undergoing spinal surgery?

To take the pressure off the nerves.

The spinal nerves in the spinal column can get compressed by conditions including spinal stenosis and disc herniation. Pain, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, and other serious symptoms may result from this phenomenon. Determine the condition you have before researching different forms of spine surgery. Your doctor will then advise spinal surgery to prevent any long-term disability. The recommended procedures, in this case, are laminectomy, ALIF, or XLIF.

reasons for undergoing spinal surgery
Stabilising an unstable spine

Stabilising an unstable spine

A spine that is weak and unable to maintain its natural shape under usual circumstances is said to be unstable. A healthy spine will give the body structure and stability, whereas an unhealthy or unbalanced spine won’t hold the spinal ligaments, muscles, discs, and bones together, impairing the body’s capacity to operate normally. If the symptoms progress to severe back pain, leg pain, or serious neurologic issues as a result of the pinched nerve, surgery for unstable spines will be necessary.

Realigning a crooked spine

The normal curve of the Spine can be affected by disorders including scoliosis and flat-back syndrome, which can result in a variety of problems. Scoliosis is typically treated without surgery, with braces and regular physical therapy. Surgery is required to realign the Spine in cases where the spinal curvature is severe and exceeds a particular degree. Patients with the flat-back syndrome have the same choice, especially if non-surgical methods are ineffective at alleviating their symptoms.

Realigning a crooked spine

Different Types Of Spine Surgeries In India

The Lumbar Decompression Surgery for Spinal Stenosis: This surgery is performed in case of narrowing spinal cords that cause increased pressure on the Spine. This treatment helps to release pressure by removing the bone spurs and excess tissues. Those parts of the lamina which press against the Spine are removed by the surgeons in this lumbar laminectomy surgery.

The Lumbar Discectomy: As we all know, the lumbar is the part associated with the lower back. Therefore, this endoscopic spine surgery in India is performed to help the injured disc in the lower back and its recovery.

Herniated Disc Surgery: In this surgery, either a part of the injured disc is removed partially, or the disc is removed altogether, letting the two lower parts of the adjacent vertebrae fuse together to minimise the pain in the lower back.

Spine Fusion Surgery: The best surgeon in India follows the set course of action by using screws and rods to connect portions of the vertebrae. Post-surgery, the vertebrae will be removed to heal and fuse in this spine surgery.

Synthetic Disks: Major spine surgery hospitals in India are the primary locations where this surgical technique is carried out. As an alternative to spinal fusion, it entails implanting artificial discs, particularly if you are feeling painful movement between two vertebrae (caused due to injured or degenerated discs). However, not everyone can use these new discs.

Modern-day spine surgery practice will soon include minimally invasive spine surgery or MISS.

Laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures are well-known solutions for a range of surgical issues. Similar benefits are provided by minimally invasive spine surgery for the treatment of spine issues.

After-care for spinal treatment

At the doctor’s advice, patients must take medications for several weeks following surgery. Following surgery, doctors advise quitting within three months. For three to six months after spinal surgery, you should refrain from taking certain medications, including ibuprofen, aspirin, or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), because these medications may impede your ability to recuperate. After surgery, you might need to take six months off from sports like gymnastics. After surgery, the doctors occasionally suggested wearing a brace.

How Long Does Recovery Take After Spine Surgery?

The time of the recovery period is dependent on the patient’s health, their age, and the kind of surgery they underwent.

It takes a few weeks to recuperate from a discectomy. However, you can experience discomfort and weakness along the way.

Recovery time for laminectomy and fusion procedures is close to three months. After spinal infusion, recovery could take six months (depending on the existing health condition of the patient).

Why choose India for spine surgery?

The majority of spine surgery hospitals in India have cutting-edge medical technology and ultra-modern facilities. Furthermore, hospitals have highly qualified surgeons who treat patients with the utmost attention and the highest standard of medical treatment. In India, the price of a spine operation ranges from USD 1,500 to USD 7,710, and it is considered affordable compared to other countries like the US.

These factors influence the majority of foreigners who select India for spine surgery.

What is the cost of spine surgery in India?

India offers far more economical spinal surgery than other nations do. In India, spine surgery might be affordable. Many top spinal cord hospitals in India provide patients with the greatest care and amenities. You can see the given below cost estimation chart:

Neuro and spine surgeries ICU+Ward Economy Double
Spinal Fusion / Instrumentation upto two levels 1+4 7000 7700
Craniotomy 1+4 6700 7400
VP Shunt 0+2 4300 4700
Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion (ACDF) 0+3 4300 4700
Microdiscectomy / Laminectomy 0+3 3900 4300

India's success rate for bone marrow transplants

The success rate of spine surgery in India varies from hospital to hospital, ranging from 80 to 90% on average. This results from incredibly experienced and qualified surgeons, hospitals with advanced equipment, and tight infection control and patient care standards.

Hospitals with facilities for spinal surgery:

  • patient assistance programmes
  • private health insurance
  • Trauma and emergency care
  • Intensive care units
  • The family of the patient stays at the facility
  • food preparation for the patient’s family
  • diagnostics and lab tests
  • contemporary infrastructure
hospitals for spinal surgery

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Answer. It is crucial to note that spine surgery is not that expensive. One should get the best treatment for their body to ensure that they do not face any difficulties in the future. Since the Spine is the channel of nerves and cords that helps transfer messages between the body and the brain, its functionality should be your priority, not the amount of money. We at Med Tours Advisors work on connecting you to the soundest and most professional surgeons considering your budget for quality treatment.

Answer. An endoscope is a device that is specifically designed for surgeries related to the Spine. It lets the surgeon get a holistic view of the Spine sections without having to make a big incision on the regions of the back. The surgeons can perform the surgery effectively by inserting the endoscope fitted with high-definition cameras and a light source in the affected area via the incision. The surgery will be safe and more practical with the least damage to the skin by minimising the number of stitches after the operation.

What qualities should a reputable spine surgeon have?

Most often, your primary care doctor recommends a reputable spine surgeon. It is always advised to check if surgeon is:

  • Capable of executing successful spine surgeries and has experience doing so.
  • The medical facility with which the doctor is affiliated
  • The surgeon should be able to explain your issue and the procedure to you in full.

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